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AMANOTES ( - Our young & exciting start-up brings music to life in a special way through điện thoại application and games. We are small but we dream big, và we are looking for a mobile sale specialist/manager who dares lớn be on this journey with us. We don’t have sale department before but now we’re growing and it’s time lớn get a sale department started with YOU, someone who can join us & accelerate our growth in terms of marketing while ensures sustainable development. Our portfolio:

- Chạy cùng Nốt Nhạc:

- Tap Challenge:

- Piano Challenge 2:

- Magic Touch:

Mobile Unity Developer (Intership/Fulltime)

2D Artist (Beginner/Fulltime) (Senior/Parttime)

Marketing Specialist (Fulltime)

Why we need you?

People may have different languages but there is one universal language that all races, genders, nationalities nội dung - music. AMANOTES is an innovative start-up project formed by a group of music lovers or, khổng lồ be more exact, music maniac individuals who are ambitious khổng lồ deliver this universal language in a special way. We envision our products khổng lồ save the world from being boring.

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In doing so, we need a full-stack thiết bị di động senior developers who leads this revolution.

Job Description

1. For Unity Dev :

- You will work in either our innovative internal projects or in our exciting outsourcing projects with Japanese và American clients.

- You will be working within team of young và motivated developers on projects ranging from music games/apps to merchant applications (iOS/Android/Unity) with high amount of creativity.

2. For 2 chiều Artist :

- Working closely with the art and design teams, the 2d Artist will create concept art, and 2D graphics for games as well as assets for menus, icons & in-game HUDs, in addition to ensuring upcoming titles" usability by designing intuitive, attractive and innovative UI systems.

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Amanotes is searching for talented và skilled 2D/UI Designer to lớn work on creation và improving of kiến thiết styles và UI-UX for thiết bị di động games.

- Generation of art & images for games: concept art & final assets

- Design, implementation & optimization of Menu and UI assets for sản phẩm điện thoại platform.

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- Understanding the input đầu vào capabilities of the targeted platforms & using them lớn full effect

- Being a partner for the whole of the creation team in establishing ergonomics & usage design và guidelines

3. For sale Specialist :

- Being the first one in charge of marketing, you will work directly with CEO lớn establish marketing strategies và tactics

- Promote our portfolio of music games and applications to lớn audiences in the most creative way. Yes, we don’t have big bucks for kinh doanh so that’s the challenge & opportunities for you to lớn make every cent count. Beside dollars, sky is the limit ;)

- Work in a very creative, active agile startup environment

- Save the world from being boring ·

- Know what’s it lượt thích to work in a startup ·

- app Store Optimization ·

- Ads chiến dịch (Facebook/Google)

- Social sale (Facebook/Twitter/Youtube)

Requirement :

1. For Unity Developer :

- No experience required, but experience with Unity2D is a plus ·

- lượt thích programming with Unity2D or other cross-platform engine ·

- Proven past experience in making 2 chiều mobile games/apps is a plus ·

- Proficient in C# ·

- Experience with 1 of trò chơi engines such as Unity, Cocos2D, Corona is a plus ·

- You enjoy working in a startup environment featured with high level of uncertainty ·

- You have a big passion for success & are motivated to lớn go extra miles for it ·

- You know that “If you want khổng lồ go far, go together” & you enjoy teamwork ·

- Experience with software development process Agile/Scrum is a plus ·

- Passion in music is a plus ·

- Passion in điện thoại game is a plus

2. For 2d Artist :

- ( Beginner) Have at least 1 year experience & (Senior) 2 years experience

- Proven understanding of UI design ergonomics & aesthetics

- Must possess strong illustration skills, sophisticated design & typographic sensibilities

- Strong Photoshop skills

- High-res, mobile platform specialist or experience

- Motion Graphics experience a plus

- Must provide a solid & consistent body toàn thân of relevant illustration & graphic kiến thiết work

- Interactive Entertainment Industry Experience an asset

- Must possess strong interpersonal skills in order to communicate effectively

- Task driven, self-motivated, và proactive

- Works well under deadline pressure

- Must possess an enormous passion for games & excited about making casual games in particular.

3. For sale Specialist :

- Data driven: you are comfortable with working with number and are able to back up your decision with data ·

- Experience: Mobile kinh doanh experience (ASO/Ads Campaign/Social Marketing) is a plus otherwise passion in mobile sale is still enough ·

- You enjoy working in a startup environment featured with high cấp độ of uncertainty ·

- You have a big passion for success and are motivated lớn go extra miles for it, yes, including working over 8 hours per day ·

- Good command of English ·

- Music lover is preferred. Hey our company band still needs one more singer and a Cajon player


1. For Unity Developer :

- Truly startup spirit: NO bureaucracy, NO hierarchy. AMANOTERs are all leaders of themselves & their work. ·

- Salary: 300-500 USD ·

- Incentives based on company profit ·

- Stock option

2. For 2 chiều Artist :

- Salary: 350 USD for Beginner , 500 USD for Senior

3. For sale Specialist :

- Truly startup spirit: NO bureaucracy, NO hierarchy. Each of us is a lưu ý in a music sheet ·