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AmiBroker is a full-featured technical analysis và trading system development platsize, with an advanced real-time charting, portfolio back-testing/optimization và scanning capabilities. AmiBroker’s robust system development environment allows khổng lồ find market inefficiences, code the system & validate it using powerful statistical methods including walk-forward kiểm tra & Monte Carlo simulation. AmiBroker allows you to lớn trade directly from charts or programmatically, using auto-trading interface (works with Interactive Brokers). It gives everything you need khổng lồ trade successfully.

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True Portfolio-Level Backtesting

Test your trading system on multiple securities using realistic tài khoản constraints and comtháng portfolio equity. Trade portfoltiện ích ios lớn decrease risk/reward ratio. Find out how changing the number of simultaneous positions và using different money management affects your trading system performance.

Dynamic portfolio-màn chơi position sizing

Use current portfolio equity (sum of cash và all simultaneously opened positions value) lớn calculate new trade form size, or use any other position sizing method by specifying dollar value or number of contracts/shares. Position kích thước can be constant or changing trade-by-trade.

Blazing fast speed

Nasdaq 100 symbol backthử nghiệm of simple MACD system, covering 10 years end-of-day data takes below one second.

Multiple symbol data access

Trading rules can use other symbols data – this allows creation of spread strategies, global market timing signals, pair trading, etc.

Multiple time-frames & multiple currencies in one system

Systems can use multiple time frames at once & symbols denominated in different currencies.

Scaling in/out (pyramiding) và rebalancing

You can chạy thử systems that scale and/or rebalance open positions in user-defined moments.

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Everything is customizable

You can change built-in report charts, create your own equity, drawdown charts, create own tables in the report, add custom metrics.

Custom backchạy thử procedure

Even the backchạy thử process itself can be modified by the user allowing non-standard handling of every signal, every trade. It also allows lớn create custom metrics, implement Monte-Carlo driven optimization & whatever you can dream about.

Scoring & ranking

If multiple entry signals occur on the same bar and you run out of buying power, AmiBroker performs bar-by-bar sorting và ranking based on user-definable position score to lớn find preferrable trade.

Rotational trading

A dedicated mode for sector rotation trading algorithms using user-definable score khổng lồ switch between preferred stocks/funds/sectors.

Flexible built-in stops

All stops are user definable & can be fixed or dynamic (changing stop amount during the trade). Built-in stop types include maximum loss, profit target, trailing stop (incl. Chandelier), N-bar (timed) all with customizable re-entry delay, activation delay & validity limit.

There is just too many things left to lớn mention, including– Mutual fund support (early redemption fee, early exit restrictions)– Futures mode (margin/point value support)– Custom commissions– Full trade price control (can emulate slippage) và trade delays– Support for constraints like round lot kích cỡ, tick form size, minimum trade form size, maximum trade value as percent of bar volume– Detailed reports for all, long-only, short-only trades with 42 built-in metrics including Sharpe ratio, Ulcer Index, CAR/MDD và many others– Profit distribution chart, Maximum Favourable Excursion chart, Maximum Adverse Excursion chart– Automatic storage, maintenance & viewing of all historical tests conducted via the Report Explorer– Support for all intervals (daily and intraday) and all instrument classes– No limit on number of symbols under thử nghiệm (capable of handling enitre US stock universe)

RELEASE NOTES:Highlights of version 6.20

Version 6.20 brings lots of new functionality especially with regards to system testing. There are hundreds of new features & changes khổng lồ existing functionality as compared khổng lồ version 6.00, listed in detail in “Release Notes” document in AmiBroker directory.

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Below is just a short menu of few of them:• HIGHLIGHT: Integrated Batch Processor – allowing you khổng lồ automate complex, sequential tasks, featuring– easy-to-use interface– built-in time scheduler– comm& line interface– AFL triggering– logging• New features in AmiBroker Formula Language:– direct mạng internet access functions (IntenetOpenURL/InternetReadString/InternetClose) allow interfacing with web / REST services from AFL– general purpose distribution function: PriceVolDisribution– more statistical functions: NormDist/Kurtosis/Skewness– variable period PercentRank & StDev– cumulative product functions CumProd/Prod/ProdSince– bitmap image drawing function GfxDrawImage– ability to lớn select Speech API voice via VoiceSelect/VoiceCount– multi-text exploration columns via AddMultiTextColumn• Performance improvements– faster startup– more responsive Analysis window while it is busy processing (plus new Pause function)• UI and usability improvements– many adjustments in UI scaling lớn better tư vấn HiDPI/4K displays– walk-forward settings are now per-project, not global– debugger’s watch window supports display of static variables and expressions with static variables



– Unpachồng & Install.– Copy Crack lớn install Dir & Replace files.– Bloông chồng in firewall as program tries lớn call trang chính.

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