Exchange trading, also known as spot trading, is the process of using the funds on your account to lớn buy or sell for other funds.

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How to make an exchange trade?

1. Firstly, log in to lớn your hawacorp.vn account.

2. Make sure you have enough funds in your exchange wallet.

Note: The minimum order size differs for each trading pair. You can view more information in our article What is the minimum order size?

3. On the main trading page that you are directed lớn after logging in, find the Tickers box.Here you will be able lớn search the trading pairs lớn find the one that you wish to trade with.


4. In our example, we will look khổng lồ sell Tether USDt tokens and buy some Bitcoin.Therefore, let’s look for the BTC/USDt pair. You can enter BTC into lớn the tickers box & also use the drop-down menu on the left to lớn tìm kiếm for the quote currency that is USDt.


5. Now, on the same trading page, find the Order Form widget.This is where you will be entering the details of the trade you wish lớn make.

6. Since this is an exchange trade, be sure to lớn select Exchange on the top left-hvà corner of the order size.


7. If you select Limit order as your order type, you will need to lớn enter the order kích cỡ & the price. You can also choose from a variety of other order types from the drop-down menu & learn more about order types here.

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Using the BTC/USDt example, this would mean specifying how much BTC you would like to lớn buy for what price in USDt.Alternatively, if you choose a Market order, your order will be executed at a current market price, và therefore there is no need lớn fill in a price.


8. Great! Now your order will appear in your Orders widget, showing information about your trade before it executes. You can also cancel & edit the trade or trades as you wish. For more information, please view: Order Bulk Editing và Selection Options.


9. Once your trade has been executed, the funds will be credited to lớn your Exchange wallet.

10. The executed order will then move to lớn the Order History widget.


11. You can also trachồng your orders on your reports page, under either Orders or directly under Ledgers.

What are trading fees at hawacorp.vn?

You will be charged maker or taker fees, respectively, depending on the type of order that you made and whether it added or took liquidity from the hawacorp.vn order books.

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For more information, please view the fees page or our guideline What fees does hawacorp.vn charge?

If you have sầu any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to lớn reach out to lớn hawacorp.vn hawacorp.vn.