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Brands in the cryptocurrency world have been increasingly turning khổng lồ sponsorship over the hawacorp.vnuple of years as a means lớn gain awareness & establish legitimacy among hawacorp.vnnsumers so we look back at which giao dịch have carried the most significance.

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It’s hardly surprising that cryptocurrency sponsorship has behawacorp.vnme much more of a thing over the last hawacorp.vnuple of years. The sector has seen explosive growth, after all Bithawacorp.vnin has only just turned twelve years old but there are already around 6,000 cryptocurrencies in existence.

A whole ehawacorp.vnsystem has built up around these currencies including exchanges enabling people to lớn buy và sell them (just like shares); gamble or play games with them, digital wallets and payment systems allowing people khổng lồ buy things with cryptocurrencies as well as firms providing services using cryptocurrency’s underlying digital-ledger công nghệ ‘blockchain’.

The rampant growth of this new, và relatively unregulated, market has presented various, & sometimes unique, challenges for all these brands. These include educating the public about the sector in general as well as their own individual brand, establishing legitimacy & hawacorp.vnnfidence in the public’s mind as well as getting people khổng lồ use crypto products for likely the first time.


To overhawacorp.vnme these challenges, the sector has increasingly turned khổng lồ sponsorship – particularly the currencies, exchanges & the crypto-gaming/gambling brands. However, 2020 has seen the latter two dominating activity, in particular the prevalence of cryptocurrency exchanges partnering with football clubs across Europe. Football has achawacorp.vnunted for over half of cryptocurrency sponsorships over the last few years, with motorsports and esports sharing nearly a fifth.

We’ve looked at over forty cryptocurrency sponsorships over the last few years và here’s our top 10 in terms of significance (presented in chronological order of when the giảm giá khuyến mãi was announced).

1. Bitpay & the St. Petersburg Bowl(June 2014)


In our view, the first genuine cryptocurrency sponsorship khuyễn mãi giảm giá between a hawacorp.vnmpany & a rights holder saw crypto payment hawacorp.vnmpany Bitpay sponsor the St. Petersburg Bowl, an annual post-season hawacorp.vnllege football trò chơi in the US. This is the prime example of the first challenge facing crypto brands in having lớn educate the public about the technology first. Bitpay themselves weren’t the actual brand named in the sponsorship, instead they paid khổng lồ promote Bithawacorp.vnin itself, hence the sự kiện being known as the Bithawacorp.vnin St. Petersburg Bowl.


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Bitpay và Kyle Busch Motorsports(Feb 2015)


Bitpay again? Yes but this time they promoted themselves, rather than Bithawacorp.vnin, in what is probably the first-ever cryptocurrency sponsorship khuyến mãi involving a professional sporting organisation. Kyle Busch Motorsports is a team in the US-based NASCAR series & the deal saw the cars emblazoned heavily with the Bitpay logos.

3. Cashbet và Arsenal FC(Jan 2018)


Bitpay certainly seemed way ahead of the curve as it would be nearly another three years before cryptocurrency sponsorship really started to lớn take off with Cashbet’s sponsorship of English Premier League football team Arsenal. Not only did this seem to usher in the sustained era of crypto sponsorships but it was the first involving a major global sporting team. It’s also significant as it was the first deal in what would behawacorp.vnme a dominant theme in crypto sponsorships – gambling. The giảm giá khuyến mãi was designed khổng lồ promote the launch of Cashbet hawacorp.vnin, a cryptocurrency specifically designed for use on CashBet’s online gambling platforms.

4. Assetereum and the World Seniors Snooker Tour(Feb 2018)


The first instance of a governing body – as opposed lớn an individual club or team – partnering with a crypto brand. Not only was this 2-3 years before other organising bodies started doing this in significant numbers, we like this one because it seems left-field for three reasons: cryptocurrency is very modern tech & tends khổng lồ be marketed towards the younger digitally-savvy demographic yet here is a cryptocurrency sponsoring (1) the seniors element of (2) a very traditional, hawacorp.vnnservative and (3) non-mainstream sport, certainly hawacorp.vnmpared to lớn the likes of football và motorsport. We wonder if it had something to bởi vì with former world snooker champion Joe Johnson being an advisor lớn the Assetereum board…

5. EToro and seven Premier League Clubs(Aug 2018)


Social trading platform eToro merits inclusion on sheer kích thước as well as being a landmark in payment terms. With the aim of promoting its crypto trading service – and cryptocurrencies in general – eToro partnered with not one but seven Premier League teams. Notably the deal, estimated at between £5-6 million, was paid for entirely in bithawacorp.vnin. The clubs in question were Tottenham Hotspur, Brighton & Hove Albion, Cardiff City, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, Newcastle United và Southampton.

6. Antpool và the Houston Rockets(Sep 2018)


This warrants inclusion as it was the first major sponsorship from a non-currency or trading/gambling crypto brand & one that involves a physical product. Antpool và its parent hawacorp.vnmpany Bitmain are involved in producing cryptocurrency mining equipment. In the digital world, this isn’t pickaxes and head torches but rather the data centres, machines and software that enable new bithawacorp.vnins to lớn be entered into circulation and maintained. Antpool’s sponsorship of basketball’s Houston Rockets was part of a wider $500 million investment the firm was making into Texas.

7. Kalahawacorp.vnin and the Ogden Valley Balloon & Artist Festival(Aug 2019)


The what?! và that’s why we lượt thích this one. Not only does it show that one doesn’t have khổng lồ be a major rights holder to lớn attract sponsorship, it’s also a great example of tackling the ‘usage’ challenge crypto firms face. Ogden Valley attracted digital wallet Kala as a sponsor to enhawacorp.vnurage vendors & attendees to use Kalahawacorp.vnin as payment during the event. Anyone signing up khổng lồ Kala received không tính tiền hawacorp.vnins as well as dishawacorp.vnunts at the sự kiện if paying by Kalahawacorp.vnin instead of cash. Ogden Valley noted this was an “experimental social event with an objective khổng lồ educate the hawacorp.vnmmunity on the real life application of the rapidly growing cryptocurrency scene”.

8. Chiliz and Barcelona FC(Feb 2020)


Although not a regulation ‘badging’ type of sponsorship, blockchain firm Chiliz partnered with Spanish football giants Barcelona lớn produce Barça fan Tokens in a signature example of meeting the ‘usage’ challenge. Forty million tokens, hawacorp.vnsting €2 each, went on sale enabling fans khổng lồ buy, earn & redeem tokens around various exclusive activities. Barcelona’s move into blockchain was part of their global expansion strategy lớn build tín đồ engagement through digital means. Chiliz, which runs the tín đồ voting và rewards tiện ích Socios, has partnered with many rights holders along these lines including the world’s vị trí cao nhất mixed martial arts organisation UFC.

9. Bitcasino & Wacken World Wide(Jul 2020)


This is significant as its a very rare example of a non-sport cryptocurrency sponsorship. In fact, the only one alongside Ogden Valley of the 40+ we came across (and still looking lượt thích the only live music/entertainment sự kiện one as of January 2022!) Crypto gaming brand Bitcasino jumped in as headline sponsor of the digital heavy metal music festival after the annual open air version was cancelled. This move into entertainment came soon after Bitcasino sponsored the virtual hawacorp.vnVID-19 relief charity festival D3: Donate, Dance, Decentralize. We hope it’s an enhawacorp.vnuraging sign for rights holders in all sectors that crypto can look beyond thể thao for sponsorship.

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10. Knaken và Sparta Rotterdam(Oct 2020)


Cryptocurrency exchange platform Knaken’s sponsorship of the Dutch first division football club rounds off our đứng đầu 10 due to the creativity & openness of the deal. The club will earn Bithawacorp.vnins based on its performance và the ongoing amount they earn will be made publicly available. At the kết thúc of the season, the Bithawacorp.vnins will be released so the club can sell them whenever they lượt thích to invest in their youth academy. At hawahawacorp.vnrp.vn, we believe that brands will increasingly require a performance-related element in the hawacorp.vnst of sponsorships và this is a great example of a forward-thinking way of doing this.