Challenger là gì

someone who tries khổng lồ win a competition, fight, or sports sự kiện from someone who has previously won it

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someone who tries lớn win a competition and achieve a position, esp. in politics or sports, against someone who has won it & now has that position:
An aide to lớn Buchanan said the conservative sầu challenger for the presidency would hold a press conference tomorrow.
His arguments on each of these issues were not, ultimately, concerned with the merits of one or another of the challengers" claims.
This result is somewhat misleading because of the inclusion of an interaction term containing the challenger buổi tiệc nhỏ variable.
For the challenger, experiencing a positive payoff outcome requires that the defender submit lớn his demands without fighting too much.
A leader thwarts a challenge if she either retains a winning coalition or prevents the challenger from assembling a winning coalition.
According lớn him, incumbent politicians in democracies have sầu lớn fear that challengers mobilise disaffected voters.
Apparently challengers who are disadvantaged in terms of resources and name recognition offer moderate positions in an attempt khổng lồ compensate for their non-policy liabilities.
What remains unanswered, and mostly unaddressed, is an explanation of when challengers succeed in upsetting an industry và the standards imposed by dominant firms.
She can credibly commit khổng lồ include these individuals in every future coalition, while the challenger can offer them access lớn future private goods only probabilistically.
Finally, the authors argue that grammar-based language models are serious challengers for corpus-based models.
The greathử nghiệm possible offer the challenger can make is to lớn spover all available resources optimally on the smallest possible coalition.

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Electorally speaking, there were no credible challengers as a consequence of weak buổi tiệc nhỏ competition.
First, challengers against safe incumbents tover to lớn be inexperienced & thus spover money inefficiently.
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