Là gì? nghĩa của từ rồng ( con rồng tiếng anh là gì, con rồng Đất

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Long time ago, Vietnam giới was a country half-wild, half-cultured, infested with wild beasts that cohabitated with men in deep caves in the forest. Lived then a young man namedLạc Long Quân intelligent & endowed with extraordinary powers. In his vein flowed a bloodstream mixed with the blood of the Dragons formBách Việtcountry. During his travels through mountains và valleys, he arrived at a maritime region of southeast Lac Việt. Seeing the population decimated by a marine monster, he took a spear that he got red hot in fire & threw in the mouth of the boss khủng killing it. He cut its toàn thân in three pieces which he threw into three different places that received three geographical names: the head was in a mountain named Cầu Dầu Sơn, the body in another mountain Cầu Dầu Thủy và the tail in the islet called Bạch Long Vỹ.

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Lạc Long Quân andÂu Cơ

Once the people of Lac Viet in peace, the nhân vật headed for the Long Bien region where its inhabitants were terrorized by a fox which became a boss khủng. The latter often turned itself inlớn a young man to lớn enter villages taking away women and young girls. Lac Long Quan had to fight for three days and three nights before beating the quái thú and entering its cave to free his survivors. Arriving at the Phong Châu area, he confronted the quái vật of trees so ferocious he had to lớn turn to lớn his father Kinh Dương Vương to lớn chase it to lớn the South. After having brought peace to lớn the three countries, he was so moved by compassion for such an unfortunate and simple people. He decided to stay to lớn protect and teach them how lớn grow rice, cook it, cut trees to build homes that sheltered them from rain, wind và savage beasts. He educated them in the family virtues of parents & spouses. The people revered him & considered hyên ổn as their Chief. They also considered him as their father, the one who gave them their lives.

Before he joined his mother in the Palace of Waters, he recommended to lớn his people, in case of misfortune, to lớn hotline hyên aloud: Father. And he would come bachồng right away. Some time later, the Lord of the High Regions of the North, Ðế Lai, leading his troops, invaded Lac Viet while bringing with him his delightful daughter Âu Cơ. De Lai oppressed và fleeced the people who had lớn supply his army with meat and rice. In dibít tất tay people called: Father, come baông chồng and save us. Lạc Long Quân was on the spot, but did not find De Lai. Au Cơ was there alone, out for a walk amid her servants. Dazzled by her beauty, he took Au Cơ lớn his palace. Au Cơ herself, charmed by the young man, consented to lớn live with him. Ðế Lai, coming back in rage, sent his troops out lớn besiege the town.

But Lac Long Quan commanded savage beasts to lớn push hyên ổn baông xã. Incapable of struggling against such a strong son-in-law, Ðế Lai withdrew from Lạc Việt, leaving his daughter on the strange lvà.

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Lac Long Quân with the monster

Amid their happiness, Au Cơ brought lớn the world a big pouch from which got out one hundred eggs that gave sầu birth to one hundred sons as robust as their father. When came the time khổng lồ separate and return to his mother, Lạc Long Quân told his wife Au Cơ : « You are of the race of Immortals. I am of that of the Dragons. We cannot stay together for the rest of our lives. You need to live sầu up high. I need to live down by the sea. So you stay here with fifty children. I will bring the other fifty to the maritime region, we settle on the same land ». From then on, Au Cơ stayed in the mountains with her fifty children. Those became the ancestors of all the peoples living nowadays on high plateaus and mountains (these are the montagnards and minorities ). As for Lạc Long Quân, he descended on the plain, by the sea, with his children that he taught how lớn clear the l& lớn establish a kingdom there. His eldest son became thus the first king of Vietnam and took the dynastic name of Hùng Vương and called his country Vnạp năng lượng Lang.

That’s why Vietnamese are proud of being » Children of the Dragon, Grandchildren of the Immortal »(Con Rồng Cháu Tiên).

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