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the scientific study of electric current and the technology of using it khổng lồ manufacture electronic equipment:
Countries are facing this challenge in many different ways, but one common factor is the increasing reliance on electronics và systems.
Stratos did not experiment with electronics in his artistic work, but he was the first vocal-composerperformer to explore the human voice scientifically with electronic means.
Each reed pod2 contains a collection of electronics for either the gathering of weather information or the reception and dispersion of sound.
It is the contention that the approach lớn developing system mechanics, electronics and control management is innovative sầu and have sầu been experimentally tested.
They are less than 10 per cent in electronics, mechanics, computer sciences và mechanical engineering.
With the advent of electronics and computer công nghệ in 1950, automation commenced lớn apply electronics và computer systems to control machines.
The technological development và the composers" creative sầu imagination multiplied the possibilities of interaction between the instrumental & the electronics.
The cleaning & sterilization procedures lớn implement forward planetary protection will have a major impact on materials và electronics.
They interact freely, creating a dialogue that is further amplified as the percussionist carries on his interaction with the live electronics.
Time-series analysis is routinely found in physics, electronics, geophysics, astrophysics, climatology, computer science và biometric applications.
Nevertheless, performers frame both as real-time interactions between instrumentalists, instruments, electronics and audiences.
The system is linked lớn the illustrated spare parts catalogue và lớn relevant electronics technical documentation.
It describes the immanent structure of the environments and releases the potential interactions between the instrumental và the electronics of mixed music.
Typically, the receiver electronics operate optimally only in a narrow range of intensities compared lớn the large dynamic range of intensities that can be observed.
I envision a move lớn create interactive projects (musicians/electronics) in the major academies, building collaborative relationships between performers and composers.
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Các từ thường được thực hiện cùng rất electronics.

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Quantum physics is as essential to the electronics engineer as are thermodynamics khổng lồ the mechanical engineer.
I would not object if a new electronics firm were to phối up in these areas, and electronics is a very labour-intensive industry.

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On the production side, the only work that women did was assembly-line work in the large-scale electronics industry.
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