How does it work?

Improved giải pháp công nghệ has made telemedicine easier, even for those who don’t consider themselves computer savvy. Doctors & patients communicate through a two-way video clip link-up using apps lượt thích Zalo, Viber or Skype. All you need is a smartphone, an máy tính bảng ipad or a computer, và a good mạng internet connection.

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Comfort and Convenience

With telemedicine, you don’t have lớn drive lớn the hospital and sit in a waiting room when you’re sick. You can see your doctor from the comfort of your own bed or sofa. Virtual visits can be easier khổng lồ fit into your busy schedule. With telemedicine, depending on your schedule, you may not even have to take leave time from work or arrange for child care.

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When consulting with your doctor, it’s always good khổng lồ have a family member who can help you provide information, ask questions & take cảnh báo of your doctor’s answers

Within Ho chi Minh thành phố assisted teleconsultation can be arranged upon request, whereby a nurse comes khổng lồ your home, help you during the consultation with the doctor, take your vital signs, collect blood sample & provide nursing care & treatment prescribed by your doctor

Who can use telemedicine?

Anyone, however telemedicine is particularly useful for:

New patients mostly for advice or second opinionPatients in need of treatment follow-up or waiting for laboratory resultsPatients with chronic conditionsPatients with mobility impairment, fragile, elderlyPatients living far awayTelerehabilitation services

FV experienced physiotherapists offer:

Assessment of musculoskeletal disorders, recommendations and patient education for self-managementRehabilitation programmes and monitoring for patients living far from FV Hospital, or having difficulties coming khổng lồ the hospital.

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At trang chủ Services are particularly popular after a surgical procedure, after giving birth & among patients who require regular care or prolonged treatment.

At trang chủ Services include:

Blood sample collectionMedicine deliveryNursing care after hospitalisationWound care & dressing, feeding tube change, urinary catheter changePhysiotherapy & rehabilitationIntra-venous treatmentMother & baby careTreatment that requires ongoing education for families & caregiversCare of elderly or bedridden patients