Hoarder là gì

someone who collects large amounts of something và keeps it for themselves, often in a secret place:

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someone who suffers from a mental condition that makes them want lớn keep a large number of things that are not needed or have sầu no value:

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There are risks here, since it assumes a break away from so much of past museums" roles as hoarders of whatever was on offer.
If one hoards and the other shares, the one who receives some of each medicine (the hoarder) will survive sầu with 80% probability, but the other will surely die.
It has been widely said that manufacturers are as great hoarders of labour as the service industries.
Thirdly, it is clear, as the residuary bodies sort out their property portfolquả táo, that the abolished councils were hoarders of property on a grand scale.
The land registers of publicly owned, unused và underused l& were established to lớn bring pressure to lớn bear on those land hoarders.
First, there is the hoarder; secondly, the profiteer; & thirdly, the guarantee of supplies in congested districts, particularly aao ước the poor.
In my experience local authorities have all sorts of justifiable và parochial considerations for being land hoarders.
They are not hoarders but are bodies doing their best lớn spkết thúc every penny they can for the advancement of learning.
We are conscious of the fact that many public bodies are lvà hoarders and are not pressed to bring that l& baông xã on to the market.

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