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Works in almost all countries Highest limits for buying bitcoins with a credit card Reliable and trusted broker

Coinmama allows customers in almost every country to lớn buy bitcoin. They charge a 4.9%-5.9% (depends on volume) fee on each purchase. Customers in Europe can also purchase bitcoins with SEPA transfer for a lower fee.

Works in almost all countries Highest limits for buying bitcoins with a credit thẻ Reliable & trusted broker



Ginero is Vietnam"s newest P2P Bitcoin exchange brought to you by th company running Bitcoin Vietnam.

Paybis is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. They serve 180 countries & 48 US states & are registered with FinCEN, making them a more trusted, regulated exchange. Paybis offers incredibly high limits and super fast payouts, not to mention 5 minute ID verification và nearly perfect reviews scores on Trustpilot.

24/7 live supportExtremily high limits5 Minute verificationGet payouts fastLarge selection of payment methods

Bitcoin Vietnam is the largest Bitcoin exchange in Vietnam. It"s an easy and convenient way to lớn buy bitcoin within the country. Bitcoin Vietnam"s partnership with other global exchanges ensures deep liquidity.

VBTC is a Bitcoin exchange based in Vietnam. It"s geared towards traders & offers algorithmic trading, limit and market orders, & trade reporting.

You can use our Bitcoin ATM bản đồ to buy bitcoins with cash. Bitcoin ATMs can be a quick và easy way to buy bitcoins & they"re also private. That convenience & privacy, however, comes with a price; most ATMs have fees of 5-10%.

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with a burgeoning upper and middle class. Its largest city, Ho chi Minh (otherwise known as "Saigon"), is also trang chủ to a growing world tech hub và an innovative financial payments scene.

While the country is still considered socialist in name, it is very much so a mixed economy, reminiscent of the late 80"s and early 90"s China. As for Bitcoin, Vietnam has no trading, holding, or spending regulations of any kind, making its a very không lấy phí place lớn develop and build services around Bitcoin specifically, as the country has outlawed raising any money via ICOs.

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In 2021, Chainalysis put out what it called the Global Crypto Adoption Index. This report showed that the global crypto adoption has taken off in the last year, up 881%, with Vietnam, India và Pakistan in the lead. The report ranked 154 countries based on several metrics including total crypto activity weighted by purchasing power parity per capita. Vietnam scored 1, the only country with a score above .4.


One of the easiest ways to buy Bitcoin in Vietnam is through cryptocurrency exchanges. There are several exchanges offering Bitcoin in Vietnam, allowing you to lớn select one based on your requirements & preferences using our list outlined above. Different exchanges have different transaction fees, withdrawal limits, payment modes, and verification processes that need lớn be kept in mind before users select one.

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Additionally, Bitcoin buyers need khổng lồ keep in mind that certain exchanges might require you to get a wallet of your own before being able to lớn buy the digital currency. Even if there is no requirement, it is recommended to have a wallet of your own for security reasons (preferably a hardware wallet). If you don’t have a wallet, refer khổng lồ our guide on the Best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Wallets to lớn choose one.