Larva là gì

a form of an insect or an animal such as a frog that has left its egg but has not yet developed into a pupa or adult insect or animal

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One day before each new infestation the beans were carefully mixed to achieve a random distribution of host larvae.
At the same time, third instar larvae were transferred to the upper surface of the first fully opened mature leaf of individual plants.
It was defined as the period of time until the first eggs with fully-developed first instar larvae were visible in different female age classes.
To obtain infested fruits, a third instar larva was placed into a small plastic dish (diameter 17 mm, height 11 mm).
Using these methods, the resistance status of parasite populations can be analysed by testing representative numbers of individual nematode larvae or adults.
The above study suggested that dipterous larvae might be good test insects since their availability was fairly steady throughout the year.
Mistakes are rare, since only in one case, were two wasp larvae (both first stage) found in a single ant.
Larval performance was studied by following larvae enclosed in cages from newly moulted second instars to third instars in the field.
Many of these doomed larvae had crawled onto the sides of the vial rather than remaining on the food.
Captive agoutis and squirrels readily ate larvae when presented without the surrounding endocarp, and preferred larvae to seeds.

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