a person who allows someone to use something that they own, such as land, a building, or a piece of equipment, according to a lease (= legal agreement)

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a person or organization that allows another person or organization to use something they own in return for regular payments:
We use the concept of opportunity cost to compute the penalty to be imposed by the lessor on the lessee if land degradation is observed.
But it should be borne in mind that the lessors are still operating under a limited instrumental rationality environment.
In the event, land is leased out rather than sold, the lessor has full knowledge on the degradation activities of the lessee.
The final assumption adopted in this simulation is that lessors have full knowledge over land degradation activities of the lessees.
The institutional constraints faced by the lessors is lifted and the modifications to the existing institutions are discussed later in the paper.
This matching process was possible because the description of the piece of land in the lessor"s declaration usually includes the name of the lessee.
In this simulation exercise, the lessor has knowledge over the latter but still lacks information over the former.
This problem could in a way be solved by the adoption of sharecropping,86 with the lessor bringing in a substantial part of the implements, cattle and seed for sowing.
Second, a lack of information on the true value of land on the part of the lessors could provide the lessees" with bargaining power.
In the remainder of the cases the leases had either nearly expired or contained special conditions in favour of the lessor.
If the lessor had paid for the construction, what would be paid would be an occupation rent and not a ground rent.

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I certainly suggest that the words "transferor or lessor" ought to be confined to the persons beneficially receiving consideration.
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(someone who has) a natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught

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