The dancing of the principal ballerina added luster to an otherwise unimpressive production of "Giselle."

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The commercial district around the theater had lost its luster, becoming a magnet for the homeless & driving moviegoers elsewhere.
However, they found a science that has been beset by doubt ever since the eye of prophecy lost its luster.
Basically opaque blachồng, some specimens are opaque gray và light gray with a medium luster; other specimens present dark-gray banding.
Leaves c luster a ccording khổng lồ their placement in the understorey and clearing, but not according khổng lồ their leaf-type.
Thus, flashing anomalous color contrast may depover upon the integration of luster and hue induction, combined with brightness induction dependent on the length of the radial lines.
The luster originated within the film itself, which contained silver & copper nanoparticles dispersed homogeneously in the glassy matrix of the ceramic glaze.
This clam had a thick shell paved with prisms of calcite deposited perpendicular to the surface, giving it a pearly luster in life.
It consists of 6 whorls, which glisten with that peculiar spun-glass or flossy luster noticeable in so many abyssal species.
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to lớn give sầu something, especially money, in order to lớn provide or achieve something together with other people

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