The abyss (abyss) ico rating, reviews and details

Тhe Abyss ICO aims to build a system of rewards và tokenization based on the booming gaming industry. Gamers have been one of the most active groups lớn adopt & spread awareness about cryptocurrencies, và most of all, Ethereum.

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The Abyss ICO is one of the few ICOs out there that plan to deploy an entirely different mã sản phẩm of governance. Instead of the team và founders deciding on the ICO proceeds distribution, buyers would vote on a monthly distribution of funds, depending on goals and the pace of development.

The main advantages for players:

Personal 5-màn chơi referral programs.The ability lớn generate income from personal và team gaming achievements, as well as the achievements of invited users.Monetization of game nội dung.Revenue from trading in the internal gaming auction.Syndication (as the communities of players within the ecosystem of The Abyss will be called) to receive additional earnings.Output of Abyss tokens lớn personal Ethereum-wallet.

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In turn, developers also receive a number of advantages:

Additional income from participation in referral programs.Getting the target & content-creating audience at the stage of launching their own projects.Access khổng lồ specialized gaming statistics.24-hour multi-language support service.A convenient và understandable service for rotating traffic between any gaming platforms và projects.A simple mechanism for attracting internal and external traffic.How does it work

The technology of blocking is the most promising for the gaming industry, because it allows you khổng lồ enjoy all the advantages of tokens to the maximum. The ABYSS (ERC20) token will be the main mechanism on the Abyss platkhung. Most of the various internal services will use the ABYSS tokens. Also earnings will be paid in tokens.

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Abyss Project?Country of origin: SwitzerlandTicker: ABYSSICO Dates: 16 AprilHard Cap: $40 million, 30,000 BNBIndustry: GamingFunds accepted: Ethereum, Binance Coin BNB

Key Characteristics of the Project:

Increasing income from a single user: A powerful, multimàn chơi referral program whereby a user brought in by a developer provides the developer an income (paid in ABYSS tokens) from all payments & achievements in any other game on the platform.The player also profits: An analogous referral system is built on a viral basis whereby players receive income (paid in ABYSS tokens) for bringing in friends, not just for their payments but also for the activity on the platkhung (achievements, creating nội dung, subsequent referrals, etc.)Problem solvingThe cumbersomeness & slowness of gaming platforms;Availability & effectiveness of advertising campaigns in the gaming industry;Motivational program for users;The Abyss Team

The Abyss team consists of prominent gamers with a taste for crypto lớn. The Abyss was founded by Konstantyn Boyko-Romanovsky, an architect by education but a game thủ by vocation. The rest of the team was brought in from the thriving Russian bạn community, complete with kiến thiết và art experts, as well as blockchain developers.




Abyss Social MediaConclusion

The system is focused on attracting và retaining users with greater effect than in any other gaming environment. Low entry threshold in the first check: bi-currency — all transactions can be made both in ABYSS tokens and in the currency of the currency;Convenience of handling tokens: the output of tokens on crypto-jokes, including in automatic mode;Savings on marketing: an internal network based on the use of ABYSS tokens allows you to lớn exchange traffic with other developers, receive & return only relevant users;Strength:

Model DAICOReal Soft CapExperienced teamMarketing platformModerate risksBurning tokens