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The chapter is reasonable and necessary, but somewhat heavy-going : various arguments are given their due, choices are made aước ao them, & unsettled areas are identified.
During wartime, however, the mobility of young people unsettled existing familial and community control.
A question that remains unsettled is whether the causative-inchoative alternation applies at the lexical or at the syntactic màn chơi.
Still, naturalness is a problem for most present synthesizers, & there remain unsettled issues regarding how one ought to assess the unique of synthetic speech.
Shipping certainly opened up new worlds, but at the same time, it unsettled the relationship of humans as sensory beings to lớn their surrounding environment.
After all, unsettled debts would damage a man"s economic status among local traders and could potentially lvà hyên ổn in gaol.
Distinctive about the subject matter of mathematics is that the question of what constitutes it is an unsettled one.
As is apparent from many of the papers presented in this issue, questions related khổng lồ vocabulary acquisition remain unsettled.
This incident, which came only days before the university"s official opening, unsettled the university community.
The politically charged atmosphere of the 1950s further unsettled the political balance between the federal centre và the regions.

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