Danh sách mã bưu chính zip postal code việt nam 63 tỉnh thành 2022

Postal codes are often used for international payments, in transactions sending goods from abroad to Vietnam. Providing the correct post office will help the goods reach the correct address & avoid loss.Postal codes help locate when sending mail, parcels or are used to declare when registering information online.

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Some frequently asked questions related lớn Vietnam Zip Code

1. How many ways khổng lồ determine the postal code where I live?

There are two ways lớn determine the postal code where you live.

Method 1: If you are using the internet, you can look up the postal code of your place very quickly. Please go khổng lồ the following link: http://mabuuchinh.vn/. Then enter the address where you want the postal code tìm kiếm to results.

Method 2: kiểm tra the postal seal of the post office in charge of your area of ​​residence. On all letters or documents sent by post, there are postage stamps of the place of sending and the place of receipt. On this đen stamp, there are 3 pieces of information: the name of the post office (above), the postal code of the post office (below) and the date of sending/receiving (in the middle).

2. How to lớn write the postal code on the envelope correctly

When writing postal codes on envelopes, note:

The postal code must be followed by the province/city name and separated from the province/city name by at least one blank character.Printed or handwritten accurately, clearly, legibly.For postal items with a dedicated box for Postal Codes in the sender’s và recipient’s addresses, each box must have only one digit và the digits must be written accurately, clearly, legibly, without crossing out.

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3. Do you need a postal code when buying internationally?

Postal codes are essential when making international purchases.

Postal code will help the parcels from abroad to lớn Vietnam convenient and fastWhen paying for international payment cards such as Visa Master, JCB Amex thẻ will be asked khổng lồ enter the postal code in the payment information.The postal code is also so that you can buy goods online from abroad to lớn Vietnam, pay Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, …

4. Is the postcode different from the postal code?

Vpostcode is a combination of national postal codes & location codes on Vmap digital maps, applying the latest technologies in creating, assigning codes, managing, searching và locating addresses.

Vpostcode helps the community find the exact location and route, improving efficiency for e-commerce, logistics, delivery, real estate, tourism businesses…

5. Some notes when sending by post

Provide complete & accurate informationIt is very important to fill in complete & accurate information of the recipient & sender. In many cases, the recipient cannot be contacted because the address or information is not detailed and incorrect.

Determine the type of goods to lớn be sent by postEach công trình will have a different shipping fee. Therefore, it is necessary to lớn determine whether the items sent are parcels, documents, invitations, high value items or fragile goods such as glass, ceramics, liquid goods, …

Determine the correct size, weight, và packaging status of the goodsYou need to check the hàng hóa weight, pack & preserve the goods carefully when sending the goods by post.

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Respond promptly when there is an incidentWhen the recipient does not receive, the goods are returned or lost or broken in transit, you need to lớn quickly contact the post office khổng lồ have it resolved.