Outrageous handling of foreign transfer by vietcombank transfer 2021


A Vietcombank transfer is an emerging payment solution ahy vọng Asian merchants & brokers. The payment system is run by a multi-sector commercial ngân hàng that facilitates straightforward deposits & withdrawals. This reviews delves inlớn using a Vietcomngân hàng transfer for funding and emptying trading accounts, from fee structures to lớn other key details. We also menu the top brokers that accept Vietcombank transfer deposits.

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What Is Vietcomngân hàng Transfer?

Vietcomngân hàng, whose full commercial name is Joint Stochồng Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, was established in 1963. Today, it is an established bank providing its customers with a wide range of financial amenities, including card services, e-banking, remittance payment support & credit. The company is one of the biggest commercial banks in Vietphái mạnh, with more than 600 branches và office locations. The bank was listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange in 2009 after a successful IPO raising more than $650 million.

Primarily aimed at Vietnamese customers, a Vietcombank transfer can be made for both domestic & overseas transactions with relatively low fees, making it a suitable trương mục funding method for traders.



A Vietcombank transfer incurs no fees to or from other Vietcombank accounts. Fees & commissions only apply for bank transfers khổng lồ alternative sầu banks, thẻ payments & cheques. These are notably more expensive sầu than for other online transfer companies such as WeChat Pay, Venmo and TransferWise.

cảnh báo, brokers accepting a Vietcomngân hàng transfer for deposits and withdrawals may have their own processing rates or even cover the bank’s charges for payments. It is also worth checking for separate withdrawal fees. An overview of fees is provided below.

Domestic Vietcombank Transfer Fees

Domestic Outward remittanceFrom a beneficiary trương mục at Vietcombank – no feeForeign currency trading account deposit – 0.03% charge (minimum $1, maximum $70)VND trading trương mục deposit under 500 million VND – 0.025% charge (minimum 9000 VND, maximum 125,000 VND)VND trading tài khoản deposit over 500 million VND – 0.027% charge (minimum 135,000 VND, maximum 975,000 VND)Domestic Inward remittanceTo a beneficiary trương mục at Vietcombank – no feeFrom other banks – 0.03% fee (minimum 10,000 VND, maximum 1,000,000 VND)

International Vietcombank Transfer Fees

International Outward RemittanceCheque – $1 supply fee per sheet, 0.1% service feeMoneyGram – fees vary by transaction time, tốc độ corridor pricing, promotions và currencySwift – 0.2% charge (minimum $5, maximum $200) plus a fee from an overseas bank ($10 for USD, $40 for JPY and EUR và $trăng tròn for other currencies)International Inward RemittanceSwift – 0.05% charge (minimum $2, maximum $70)Cheque – $2 sending for collection fee per sheet, 0.05% service feeMoneyGram – fees vary by transaction time, tốc độ corridor pricing, promotions, & currency

Other Fees

Investigation of cheque payment – 20,000 VNDInvestigation of inward remittance – no chargeInvestigation/amendments/cancellation of outward remittance – 30,000 VND per transaction


Customers can execute a Vietcombank transfer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These will be processed instantly, though funds may not reach their destination until the next day, depending on request time và beneficiaries being inside or outside the Vietcomngân hàng system.

Brokers that accept a Vietcomngân hàng transfer through wire transfers or credit/debit cards may have sầu their own processing timelines. This can cause delays in funds reaching or leaving trading accounts. IQ Option processes Vietcomngân hàng withdrawals within the same day if the request is received within working hours.

It is good khổng lồ see that clients can clarify their money transfer status by contacting the customer service phone number or by visiting a counter.


As a large commercial ngân hàng, Vietcomngân hàng makes safety a priority, implementing high-level online security features for safe & correct transactions lớn & from trading accounts. Account login is secured via password inscription và both anti-fraud and know your customer (KYC) checks are implemented at tài khoản thiết lập và for every transfer. This includes full name and proof of residency.

A one-time password (OTP) is also required for every Vietcomngân hàng transfer to lớn mitigate the possibility of theft. This is sent via SMS or through a điện thoại application. Five incorrect password attempts will lock your trương mục and require additional KYC verification.

Data is encrypted to lớn industry-standard levels via SSL certification. Transport Layer Security (TLS) can be enabled when implementing transactions.

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How To Make Vietcomngân hàng Transfer Deposits và Withdrawals

To make a Vietcombank transfer payment, locate the bank’s logo sản phẩm within your online trading trương mục portal, follow the on-screen instructions & enter the deposit amount. Minimum & maximum payment limits, daily transfer amounts and processing times may differ from broker to broker. Available receiving currencies lớn a Vietcombank trương mục include EUR, USD, JPY & VND, reducing the chance of high exchange rate charges.


Pros Of Using Vietcombank Transfer For Traders

Additional features – The Vietcombank transfer system comes with tools lượt thích an exchange rate calculator and interest rate details, helping you understvà the impact on your trading profits.Convenient – Register for all banking services online in under 1 minute with virtual Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance. You can also select an trương mục number similar to lớn your phone number.Vietcomngân hàng mạng internet & mobile banking – Traders can make a Vietcomngân hàng transfer through the internet or a fully serviced di động ứng dụng, with transaction status and live exchange rate information provided so you can fund your trading tài khoản on the move.Customer service – Vietcomngân hàng can be contacted 24/7 via a telephone number, great for issues with online broker deposits or transfer limits. There is also a comprehensive FAQ section on the payment provider’s website.Credit và debit thẻ available – Apply for a Vietcomngân hàng credit or debit thẻ as an additional payment method for either domestic or international transfers. Co-branded supported cards include American Express, VISA and MasterCard.

Cons Of Using Vietcombank Transfer For Traders

Transaction limit – Restriction rules apply, including a 100,000,000 VND monthly transaction limit per customer. This may constrain large-volume traders.Country exclusions – The payment solution is primarily available to lớn Vietnamese individuals and traders. This rules out global traders being able to lớn use the method. With that said, international brokerages can still accept a Vietcomngân hàng transfer.Fees – Although a relatively low-cost payment method, traders may be charged for both deposits và withdrawals. Charges will vary from broker khổng lồ broker but these can cut inkhổng lồ profits. See details on the international và domestic wire Vietcomngân hàng transfer fee structure above for more information.

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Final Word On Vietcomngân hàng Transfers

Vietcombank offers a fast và secure payment solution that operates across global merchants. The Mobile tiện ích, 24-hour customer service và credit & debit cards make this a viable option for your trading tài khoản requirements. On the downside, services are limited khổng lồ Vietnamese residents & traders only. Be sure khổng lồ fully underst& the fees associated with making a Vietcomngân hàng transfer before you initiate a payment.