Miễn phí đồ ăn và thức uống

Avoid wasting time và energy khổng lồ buy food at the restaurant or hawker center by yourself. We'll provide the best food for you and your team. Make better use of your valuable time to lớn rest, bond, và do other things that matter to you.

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Bảo hiểm y tế

To ensure your health & wellbeing, you have various medical plans to choose from depending on your situation and unique needs. From partial up to lớn full medical coverage, we got you covered.


Hoạt đụng team-building

Our company simply cannot function well without teams of people working together. That said, we provide numerous team-building activities và events for you and your team to nurture meaningful relationships between every individual.

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Cơ hội cải cách và phát triển chuyên môn

Every employee is an invaluable asset to lớn any team; that's why we want to help you grow. Cấp độ up your skills & expertise through our professional co-development programs with notable organizations. We will cover the cost.

Through rigorous exploration and unconstrained thinking about how to lớn apply data to the financial markets, our researchers are in constant tìm kiếm of new alphas. We strive to understand data in ways our competitors don’t believe is possible. Researchers employ tested processes seeking lớn identify high-quality predictive signals that we believe are undiscovered by the wider market. These signals are mathematical expressions of data that are used as inputs in our quantitative models.

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We are seeking an exceptional individual khổng lồ join the firm as a Quantitative Researcher. The person must have a strong understanding of the investment research process lớn create computer-based models that seek khổng lồ predict movements of global financial markets. While prior finance experience is not required, a successful candidate must possess a strong interest in learning about finance and global markets. Candidates will have a research scientist mind-set; be a self-starter, a creative và persevering deep thinker who is motivated by unsolved challenges.
Ph.D. Or M.S. Degree from a leading university in a quantitative or highly analytical field (e.g. Electrical Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Financial Engineering)
Competitive and attractive compensation package with clear career road-map – where you feel challenged everyday
We offer a strong culture of learning and development: training courses, library, speakers, share & learn events